Polychrome - Final Kiss

‘The dreamiest, most catchy song I’ve heard this year’- Anthony Chalmers (DJ – NTS radio)

This is probably your first taste of East London’s Polychrome. Their nostalgic, sega-tronic and epic sound was already picking up radio plays in London when Final Kiss was picked up for a high-profile advert for Fisketorvet Mall in Copenhagen. Since then they have been inundated with Danish fans asking for them to release the track. Their wishes have now been granted, with this tidy package on 2NX, including an epic B-side and two brilliant contrasting remixes.

The group is a coming together of musical minds, consisting of Victoria Harrison from Victoria and Jacob, Oliver Price from Bronze Medallists, and long-time Lamb and Lou Rhodes collaborator/guitarist William Burnett, meeting in the achingly hip Dalston where the beards are thick and the electro-shoe gaze is, well, way better than Foster the People.

Final Kiss is a dreamy vignette for a love too intense to last. It combines Roland drum machines with dusty analogue synths, a shit-load of reverb and that distinct, pitched vocal hook. This vocal has become a signature sound for Polychrome, made using a 1950s purple harmonica microphone found in a car boot sale.

B-side Euphoria Borealis is a slowly-building ode to late Scandinavian nights, culminating in an orgasmic explosion of synthy goodness that really demonstrates the group’s depth of artistry. Two remixes complete the EP, Sacre Bleu’s bubbling disco edit turns up the energy and adds a smile, while Simon Loulourgas exposes the song’s darker side with an epic rework.

The band is currently recording their debut album in their home studios in Hackney. Expect more bleached–out synths and soaring melodies, watch this shoe!